Thursday, January 10, 2013

From Eliana - what we did last week in Amitim 5774! (our first session!)

The Frame: Find your voice
                   Friendship, Learning, and Challenge

4:30-4:45: Snack 

4:45-5:05: "The List" Icebreaker.  They start out with one partner and have to make a list of 5 things they have in common.  After they come up with 5 things, they each go and look for a new person with whom they have 1 thing in common on the first list.  Then that new pair comes up with a new list of 5 things

5:05-5:20: Double circles discussions
Here are the questions for that (might have to cut down depending on time):
1. Which mitzvot match your personality?
2. What is a good Jewish memory you have?
3. What is something that makes you proud to be Jewish? Ashamed?
4. Name some things that you want to get out of your bar/bat mitzvah experience.
5. What are some of your talents and skills?

5:20-5:45: Distribution and explanation of binders, explain how class will work on a weekly basis, the schedule components
  • Skill building
  • Community Building
  • Special projects
5:45-6:00: They write a letter to themselves about their expectations/feelings about Amitim, close it up in an envelope, and will open it next year at the end of Amitim.

6:00-6:25: Torah in the real world activity (Worksheet with situations and excerpts from Torah.  They must choose texts that apply best to the situations described.

6:25-6:30: Learning survey

See you soon!  So excited!!